Using live resin carts is much more straightforward than dabbing concentrates, but there are still important things to keep in mind. You must be mindful when inhaling concentrates. THC extracts are significantly more potent than flower. 

1.) Always take gentle draws. If your lungs are hurting or burning after taking a rip, you’re overdoing your draw. A modest and ideal hit can be inhaled without much coughing. 

2.) Manage your dab temperature. Try to find a vape pen that allows you to adjust the temperature and start with the lowest temperature possible. From there, you can raise the temperature as necessary.

3.) Unscrew live resin carts when not using them. Be sure to always store them in an upright position in a cool, dry place to avoid accidental breaks or leaks. Removing the cart from your vape pen after use also prevents potential leaks from ruining the pen. 

Most people who use live resin carts will do so because they’re an easy and convenient way to use live resin. Not only that, they’re incredibly discreet. 

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